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# B1 and B2 Intensive Courses for USC Students

DURATION: 12 weeks

FECHAS DEL CURSO: October 1 - January 9


WEEKLY HOURS: 20 lectivas

LEVELS: B1 and B2

COURSE MATERIAL: Textbook + Teaching material developed by the school

THE COURSE INCLUDES: Official Certificate + ECTS credits + Course materials + Right to do the B1 and B2 exams.

PLUS... Medical insurance, tutorials, support staff, access to the libraries and the sports facilities, wifi connection, accommodation and transfer management.

About this course

This course is aimed for international students who want to access a Degree or a Master’s Degree in the USC and need to achieve a B1 or B2 level.

It is guided to pass the exams of these two levels which will be done by Cursos Internacionales at the end of the course and it consists of two parts: the first one will be developed from the 1st of October to the 20th of December and it includes intensive Spanish classes, communicative practice and exam preparation. The second one, from the 7th to the 9th of January, is focused on the B1 and B2  exams preparation. 


Spanish language (according to CEFRL guidelines and Cervantes Institute curricular plan).
B1 and B2 exams preparation.

Activities, models and mock exams.

Strategies and advice to prepare the different parts of the exam:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Written skills and interaction
  • Oral skill and interaction

Holidays (no class): 23 DIC – 6 JAN. Classes will be resumed on the 7th of January.


LEVEL B1 examWritten exam 10/01/2020. Oral exam 10 - 17Jan, depending on the number of registered students. Registration dates (START: 02/11/2019 – END: 03/01/2020)

LEVEL B2 examWritten exam 14/01/2020. Oral exam 14 –17 Jan, depending on the number of registered students. Registration dates (START: 02/11/2019 – END: 03/01/2020).

The results of the exam (PASS/NO PASS) will be uploaded on  the USC web site on the 22th of January. Claim exam deadline: 22-23 Jan.


There will be two different shifts so students can coordinate this course with other University classes

MORNING SHIFT: Monday to Friday from 09:15 AM to 02:00PM. 3h of Spanish lessons + 1h of exam preparation.

AFTERNOOON SHIFT: Monday to Friday from 03:30 PM to 08:00 PM. 3h of Spanish lessons + 1h of exam preparation.

ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY: 100%, except for health or administrative reasons and a written proof must be shown.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require any further info:


Registration and bookings:



Do you want to register?  
  1. Register through our website
    • For pre-enrolment you must register in the course and send us a copy of your passport to and pay the registration fees either through credit card or bank transfer. Make sure that your full name and surname is included in the payment request and remember that Cursos Internacionales will not be responsible for the bank charges.
    • Our banking data are:

    • Cursos Internacionales - Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.     Bank’s name: Kutxabank
      Address: Rúa da Senra 27
      15702 Santiago de Compostela, Spain
      Account number: 2095 5662 08 1064329658
      IBAN: ES80 2095 5662 0810 6432 9658 BIC: BASKES2BXXX

    • Registration includes the right to take the exam within the established dates and a receipt. Under no circumstance registrations will be admitted after the deadline nor refunds will be done due to cancellation.


Do you need further info?  
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