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Discover a unique land!

Galicia is a unique land, its geography marks the structure of its territory, the lifestyle of its inhabitants, its festivals and traditions, its gastronomy and the different leisure activity options. Surrounded by more than 1,000 km of coastline, the sea has an outstanding presence. Inland, the Camino routes cut across the green valleys and mountains that characterise the region. Furthermore, its cities, towns and villages keep a living heritage. During the weekends, check our excursion and trip offer and discover all the richness of the landscapes and the heritage of this land. Enjoy the wide range of leisure activities!

A good plan...


Plunge into the Galician sea and sail around its islands


Bathe in Rodas beach (Cíes Islands), considered the best beach in the world


Taste Galician wines and visit the most renowned wineries and vineyards in the region


Become a pilgrim! Live the experience of the Camino de Santiago!


Discover the historical and cultural heritage of Galician cities


Go shopping and discover the most international Galician fashion


Try our cuisine, with fresh land and sea products


Sit back and relax in Orense, the second spa town in Europe


Practice surf, rafting or hiking against a unique backdrop!


Things to do...

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Seven cities

The seven main Galician cities are well interconnected and have everything you need to live a unique, unforgettable experience. Santiago de Compostela is the capital city of Galicia, its Old Town is one of the best preserved ensembles in Europe and it boasts an amazing cultural life. Pontevedra has one of the liveliest Old Towns in Galicia and is a world-class example of sustainability. A Corunna, in the north, and Vigo, in the south, are two cities with beautiful beaches right in town and the two main economic and social driving forces in Galicia. Inland we find Orense and Lugo, two cities joined by a river, the Miño, and characterised by their gastronomy and Roman remains. The Roman Walls surrounding the Old Town in Lugo were declared Heritage of Mankind by the UNESCO; and Orense is famous for its spa resorts. Finally, Ferrol, known as the Atlantic gem, has one of the best natural ports in Europe and a beautiful estuary.

Rías Baixas

The north-western coast of Galicia is amazingly beautiful and is scattered with picturesque seaside towns and villages such as Noia, Cambados, Vilagarcía de Arousa, Sanxenxo, Marín, Cangas, Mondariz, Baiona, Tui or A Guarda. In the Rías Bajas you will have the chance to taste the authentic flavour of fish and shellfish and savour autochthonous wines such as the Albariño.

Rías Altas

These Rías are in the north, on the Atlantic coast. The Rías in A Corunna, Betanzos, Ares, Ferrol, Cedeira, Ortigueira, Viveiro, Foz and Ribadeo offer a breathtaking glimpse of nature’s beauty and amazing views. In these rocky coasts we can find Europe’s tallest cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the so-called O Cabo do Mundo, and also the northernmost point of the peninsula, Estaca de Bares Cape. Another outstanding attraction in this area is the Fragas do Eume Natural Reserve. 

The surf world championship PANTIN CLASSIC is also held here, in Pantín beach, between the end of August and the beginning of September. This is the oldest championship held in Spain, the second one in Europe and the fourth one in the world

A Mariña Lucense, Lugo's Cantabric coastline

Galicia’s green lush opens up to the Cantabric. This area spreads over 100 km, approximately, and it hides several natural wonders. In the Mariña you will see seaside towns, hermitages, cliffs and beautiful beaches, such as the Catedrales beach. This beach takes its name from the arches and vaults formed by the ensemble of cliffs (some of them over 32m tall) carved on the stone by the sea and the wind, which resemble those of a Gothic cathedral. It is considered one of the most amazing beaches in the world.

Ourense, the spa town

Ourense is the second city with more spa bookings in Europe. Here, 5 million litres of thermal water with numerous therapeutic and healing properties emanate daily from more than 70 natural fountains, water springs and spas. This is a place to relax and de-stress.

Start from As Burgas spring, in the city centre, and explore the main natural springs and pools scattered around the Miño River. Most of them are in open air facilities and can be used for free.

Lighthouse route in the Costa da Morte

Follow the lighthouse route in the Costa da Morte, from Malpica to Finisterre, and admire the eight most outstanding lighthouses in Galicia. On this journey you will discover one of the most legendary areas of our region. You will enjoy wild nature and get close to the amazing coastline and cliffs of this area.

Atlantic Islands: Cíes and Ons

Get on a boat tour to the Cíes Islands and to the Isle of Ons! Enjoy the landscapes of the Cíes Islands and the Rodas beach, declared the most beautiful beach in the world.
These islands are the gem of the Vigo Estuary and they form part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park, a paradise of beaches with crystal clear waters in a unique setting, characterised by its unique fauna and flora.

Remember to book the boat ticket in advance, because there is a daily visitor limit.

Ribeira Sacra

Venture into the magic atmosphere of the Ribeira and discover hidden treasures of Romanesque art!
Get on a boat and sail down the Sil River Canyon. The river has carved the mountain to create this breathtaking scenery. The area is also famous for its high-quality wines of international prestige. You will have the chance to taste them at the different wineries.

The Camellia Route

This route is an attractive circuit through Galicia’s manors and gardens, and it will let you admire the camellias - more than 8,000 varieties -, growing magnificent and flooding the landscape.
Camellias were brought to this region by the end of the 18th century from China and Japan. They were initially planted in the manors of Galician noblemen, but in time they spread to the gardens and green areas of the entire region.

You will have the chance to visit a Galician manor and its surroundings, its cellars and vineyards and you will also discover the cosmetic benefits of these flowers.


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