Law on Information Society Services (L.S.S.I.)

In compliance with the Law on Information Society Services we hereby inform you that this portal, property of Cursos Internacionales de la USC, VAT no. B15544554, with registered office in Avenida das Ciencias S/N, Chalet nº 2, 15782 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña), phone no. 881 814 423, has been created in association with the following domains: cursosinternacionales.usc.com and cursosinternacionales.usc.es

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The Cursos Internacionales portal, its source codes, logos, brands and any distinctive emblems and signs appearing on it belong to Cursos Internacionales and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.

Forbidden and Authorised Use

Any unauthorised use, including any form of reproduction, distribution, third party transfer and public disclosure - whatever the format or medium - of the aforementioned works, creations and distinctive emblems and signs shall be strictly forbidden unless previously and expressly authorised by their owners. Failure to comply with this prohibition shall constitute a punishable offence under the legislation in force.

Yet, users may download or copy the said elements, at their own risk and for personal use only, provided they do not infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of Cursos Internacionales. Users shall not change, modify or remove the said elements, either in whole or in part. Under no circumstances, shall this constitute an authorisation or license regarding the property rights of Cursos Internacionales.

It is strictly forbidden, unless otherwise expressly authorised by Cursos Internacionales, to create links or hyperlinks from third party portals or websites to the websites of Cursos Internacionales, with the sole exception of its portal homepage; and it is equally forbidden to present the websites of Cursos Internacionales or the information therein under other individuals, companies or entities’ frames or framesets, distinctive emblems or signs, brands, trade names or business names.

Validity of the Information

The information on these pages was in force by the time of the last update.

The terms and conditions stated herein were in force by the time of the last update. Cursos Internacionales reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions any time, in whose case, they will come into effect from the moment of their publication and they will be applicable to all portal users from that moment onwards.

The portal contents, and, more specifically, the information and advertisements in it, do not constitute a binding offer, unless otherwise stated. Cursos Internacionales reserves the right to introduce changes or omit, in whole or in part, the current contents of the Cursos Internacionales portal, whenever it deems necessary; as well as the right to prevent or restrict access to them either temporary or permanently.

Content Responsibility

Cursos Internacionales shall not be held responsible or liable for the legality of the any party websites from which the portal may be accessed. Cursos Internacionales shall not be held responsible or liable, either, for the legality of any third party websites linked or connected to its portal and accessible from it.

Cursos Internacionales reserves the right to implement changes on the website, without previous notice, in order to keep its information updated, by adding, modifying, correcting or removing any contents published on it or the portal design.

Cursos Internacionales shall not be held responsible or liable for the use third parties make of the information on the portal, or for the financial loss or damage resulting from such use and which, either directly or indirectly, might bring about further financial losses, property damage or data loss.

Liability and Responsibility

Cursos Internacionales does not guarantee the continued access or the correct visualisation, download or usefulness of the elements and the information contained in the web pages of the Cursos Internacionales portal, which might be prevented, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances outside the control of Cursos Internacionales..

Cursos Internacionales shall not be held responsible or liable for the information and contents integrated in third party websites or pages which may be accessed from the links and hyperlinks in Cursos Internacionales portal; neither shall Cursos Internacionales be held responsible or liable for the information and contents integrated in third party websites or pages from which the portal of Cursos Internacionales or any section of its web site may be reached through links or hyperlinks. Cursos Internacionales shall not be held responsible or liable, either, for the information and contents of third party websites presented under the appearance or using the distinctive emblems and signs of Cursos Internacionales, unless expressly authorised by Cursos Internacionales.

Cursos Internacionales and its information providers, engaged as third parties, shall not be held responsible or liable for the information, contents, products and services offered or provided by third parties - individuals or entities - through the Cursos Internacionales portal, even if they belong to the same organisation; and, more specifically, none of them shall be held responsible or liable for any damages resulting from that and originated due to:

    The lack of information or the deficiencies in the information provided to the users, its authenticity, accuracy or  adequacy.

  •     Non compliance, defective or unpunctual compliance with the agreements or with the precontractual relationships.
  •     Non compliance with the duties of information society service providers.
  •     Infringement of Consumer and User Rights.
  •     Infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights; engagement in any form of unfair competition or  illegal advertising.
  •     Infringement of the data protection rights and of professional secrecy, and damage to reputation, privacy, family life and self-image.
  •    The infringement, in general, of any applicable laws, customs or codes of conduct.
  •     Any decision made based upon the information provided through the Cursos Internacionales portal.

Neither Cursos Internacionales, nor its information providers, engaged as third parties, shall be held responsible or liable for any harm, damage, loss, claim or expenses originated by:

  • Interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephone breakdowns, delays, lockouts or shutdowns in the electronic system, caused by deficiencies, overloads and faults in the Telecom lines and networks, or by any other cause outside the control of Cursos Internacionales.
  • Illegal intrusion using any type of malware (e.g., viruses, etc.) and through any means of communication.
  • Misuse or improper use of the Cursos Internacionales web pages
  • Security or navigational errors caused by browser malfunction or by the use of outdated browsers.

Transparency Section

Through the information published in the Transparency Section, Cursos Internacionales observes the active publicity principle established by Act 19/2013, of 9th December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, implementing the necessary mechanisms in order to facilitate the accessibility, interoperability, quality and reuse of the information published, as well as its identification and location.

Governing Law

The conflicts or disputes arising from the interpretation of these terms and conditions, as well as any question related to the services mentioned in the portal shall be settled according to the Spanish Law.

Privacy Policy

Accessing the Cursos Internacionales portal and the information on any of the products and services therein implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, we recommend you to read it attentively if you wish to access the Cursos Internacionales portal and use the information and the services in it.

Privacy Polity and Data Protection (Spanish Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data)

Cursos Internacionales observes the legislation in force regarding personal data protection, as well as the confidentiality undertakings linked to its business activity.

Cursos Internacionales has adopted the necessary measures to keep the required safety level, considering the nature of the personal data processed and the processing circumstances, in order to avoid - wherever possible and taking into account the state of the art - their modification, loss, processing or any unauthorised access.

Should customers or end users be asked to fill in a personal data form, they shall be duly informed about the data-collection purpose, the identity and address of the data controller and their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. The personal data gathered shall only be processed and/or transferred for the purpose declared and only with the consent of the user or customer.

Forms shall have the following purposes:

    CONTACT PURPOSES: in order to manage queries, claims or suggestions.

Personal information gathered through these forms shall be used for the aforementioned purposes and also for commercial communication and marketing purposes.

Should the data be provided by a person different from the interested party, the said person should observe the information duties as stated in the aforementioned terms and conditions and obtain all the required consents and permits for the data controller to process the information provided.

For the information in our files to be accurate and up-to-date at all times, we ask our customers and users to inform us of any changes and rectifications in their personal data as soon as possible.

The personal data provided by registered users is stored in databases belonging to Cursos Internacionales, which implements all the necessary technical, organisational and safety measures to guarantee information confidentiality and integrity according to Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Personal Data, and to any other applicable regulations.

Users shall be responsible for the veracity of the data provided and Cursos Internacionales reserves the right to deny the registered services to users providing false information, notwithstanding any other legal actions it might undertake.

Registered users may exert their right of access, rectification and cancellation of the personal data provided at any time by sending a written communication or an email to:

Please, read this policy from time to time in order to stay informed about its scope and keep up with any modifications made to it.

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